Luau time

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We had a package deal vacation, 
So in the morning we headed to a complimentary
breakfast (which wasn't even that good) where they will be
holding a presentation of the activities we can do in the island.
We only chose 3 activities which was a Luau, Dinner Cruise, and Snorkeling.

That day was the same day we heard there would be a potential hurricane
hitting the island. We were limited to the activities because of that, 
and we were only there for 5 nights and wanted to try and relax within those days.

We chose to go to a Luau Today. We went to Germaine's Luau
It was located in the Southwest part of Oahu.
It was nice, because my Boyfriend has never been to a Luau.
He got to try Poi for the very first time, he enjoyed it.
I still didn't like it.. lol.
They performed for us, and we got free alcoholic beverages.
The Blue Hawaii, Mai tai, and Chi Chi.

After the Luau, we came back home, and decided to walk the strip again.
I was pretty exhausted but I wanted to make the best of our day.

At the luau when they were removing the Kalua Pig from the underground oven

After the Luau we came back home and walked around to the beach.

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