Leaving to Oahu, Hawaii

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm excited to finally be going on vacation especially
to Hawaii.
After working almost a year as a nurse,
I think it will be a well deserved vacation.

We left to Oakland around 4:45am.
Our flight was at 10:30 and we were flying Hawaiian Airlines.
The last time we flew Hawaiian Airlines to Hawaii was probably my first time there
when I was 9.
I love their service, their hawaiian spirit, and they also serve you food.

It was my first time being on a plane on going on vacation with my boyfriend
to Hawaii. It was his first time there.
We arrived to Oahu at 12:30 Hawaiian Time
They're 3 Hours behind from pacific standard time.
It was gloomy but still hot and humid like how I remembered.
We were greeted with fresh Lei's.
We took a shuttle to our hotel.

I started my Dot on the plane ride there so I was just feeling out of it.
Cramping, bloated, irritable a bit..
nevertheless, when we got to Hawaii I made an effort
to go out and take my boyfriend exploring since he's never been there.
And we we're only going to be here for 5 nights..

We were hungry so we went  to look for food.
Luckily across the street were a bunch of food trucks and 
right next door from our hotel was a 7-11 and an ABC store.
Of course we bought some Spam Musubi at the 7-11
and got some food from the food truck.

After we ate, we went walking down the strip of Waikiki.
I wanted to be in the water already, but we thought we'd
save that for another day. 
I just got to put my feet in the sand and feel the warm hawaiian water.
After, we went on a hunt for Coconuts,
luckily they were having a farmers market at this
Plaza area. They opened at 4, we were there at 3:50.
To kill time we went to this cupcake store
and got some cupcakes.
They were pretty good.

We finally got our coconut and also bought some dragon fruit.
Before that we bought some havaiana Slippers.
My boyfriend's coconut had a hole in the bottom,
so A lot of the coconut juice spilled out :(
Our coconuts were huge and we carried then all the way
back to our hotel.
That was an arm workout.

We then came back to the hotel,
and took a nap.
We ended up napping until the next morning lol.

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