Friday, October 17, 2014

In the morning we ate the complimentary breakfast they served
at our hotel. Buffet Style of course.
I felt like I gained so much weight, all we did was eat, eat, eat!
Then headed to Chinatown because my parents
wanted to bring home some fresh fish and vegetable that they didn't have back
in California. Every time in Hawaii, we always go to Chinatown just for this.
They bring it back frozen of course. 
I love their tropical fruits.. I really wanted to try star fruit, but they didn't have
any good ones.
We also bought some gifts there for my boyfriend's family.
They were cheaper than the ABC stores.
He also got me 2 Sarongs and a Turtle bag, heheh.

My cousin told us to try this hole in the wall place called Ono's Seafood
Takeaway for some good Poke!
We stopped by and got some spicy delicious poke,
along with some garlic edamame and seaweed salad.

After, we had a few hours to spare before getting ready
for the Dinner Cruise at 4:30.
So we utilized that time to go and enjoy the beach! 
We only had two more nights in Hawaii and we only been to the 
twice (including today).
There was a Jelly Fish warning, scary, because they never had that before.

We finally came back, got ready for the dinner cruise.
Before that though, we had to return our rental car.

The cruise was nice and relaxing..
We got to see the Hawaiian Sunset and cruise along the whole strip of Waikiki
towards diamond head and then made a U-Turn back home.
It was drizzling a bit because the tropical storm or hurricane Ana was coming..
But we still went outside and took some photo opportunities.
We couldn't miss the breath taking view you know.
Dinner was served buffet style
then there was entertainment
with polynesian dancers from samoa, tahiti, new Zealand, and hawaii.

At the Hilton, they also had fireworks going off so we were able to watch that
as well from the catamaran. 

We spent the rest of our time dancing 
while the catamaran took us back to our destination.
We danced the twist, Gangnam style, and a little bit of YMCA lol.
It was great! 

A tour bus took us to the cruise, just like how a tour bus took us to the Luau.
So we had to represent our Tour bus and guide.
They told us to cheer for them whenever they announce our Bus Number.
We were bus number 7 at the Dinner Cruise,
and Bus number 1 at the luau.
Cousin Gabby Was our tour guide in bus number 7
and Cousin Greg was bout Tour guid in bus#1.

It was fun.

Quick Snack haul

My hair cannot withstand this Humid Hawaiian Weather

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