Bob's Snorkeling at Kaneohe Bay

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our activity for today was Snorkeling at Bob's Snorkel in Kaneohe Bay
It was about 30-35mins away from Waikiki.
What a difference does that make in terms of the view.
I love seeing the natural view of Hawaii rather than the city life
Waikiki had to offer.
ALSO, there were no ABC stores! LOL
I think they said Waikiki had 47 ABC stores?
Not sure..

The weather was gloomy, and sprinkling a bit..
The storm was nearing our way.. but that didn't stop us from snorkeling.
We first went to the middle of the water where there was a sandbar,
I believe it was 6 miles long and 1 mile wide.
It's the largest sandbar in the world.
Very very shallow.
It was a bit colder than usual because of the weather.
nonetheless we enjoyed it.

The sandbar was to give practice to those who haven't snorkeled before.
there was really nothing to look at but sand..
Then they provided us with lunch which was hamburger,
beans, pineapples and chips.

We then headed to the coral reef area which was a lot deeper 20-40 feet deep.
Along the way we ran into a few sea turtles maybe about 5-6 of them
They're so cute!!! and large.. They said their neck is about the size of my thigh.
Too bad it's a $500 fine if you touch the sea turtle..

We got to the reef.. It was kinda scary, I usually don't like deep waters
because I do fear sharks, or any weird creatures underneath that may harm me.
I was one of the first snorkeler's out there, my boyfriend and the tour guide went 
first.. I waited because I wanted some fins and a life jacket to snorkel.
I remember last time I went without it, i got so tired I drank a lot of sea water
and nearly drowned lol! So much for being a rebel. I learned my lesson this time,
AND the current was a lot stronger because of the storm.
It's always better to be safe. 

I got to the water and was just terrified but I swam next to the coral reef.
the other guides said it was pretty dead because of the hurricane coming..
However we got to see a couple of fishes here and there. 
The coral reef got so shallow that I cut my knee from it!
Before we got into the water they were telling us not stand on it,
because if it breaks, it takes about 5 or 15 years (can't remember) to grow back the
size of a fist. They did say, if you were drowning,
to just stand up on it, because our lives were more important. 

I didn't want to break and coral reefs but I had to stand on it because It was so shallow 
it was grazing my knee. 
I developed a battle wound from the reef that day, 
but I still kept swimming.
Luckily no sharks were around to smell my blood.

My boyfriend saw an eel... 
How scary..
He told me to go back and see it,
but i refused. LOL!

It was raining more and more,
we finally went back on the boat and back to the dock
where we waited for our bus to come back in the rain.
Although it was rainy, it was still warm and humid.

We went back to the hotel and washed up and 
headed to this Ramen place near our hotel and ate 
some good ramen!
Then headed to the ABC store to buy souvenirs for friends and family
and finally tried the Dole Whip. mmmm
then we came home and began packing..


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