Jaelyn and Maddyx's Birthday and Maddyx's Baptism + Vlog

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Today we celebrated my Nephew Maddyx's 1st Birthday and Baptism.
It was also combined with his sister Jaelyn's 6th birthday party.
The baptism was early in the morning around 10:30 and
the party was later on in the afternoon.
After the baptism, my family and I headed over to Mimi's Cafe
for some late breakfast, or shall I say brunch.
I got the strawberries and cream waffles with a side 
of scrambled eggs and ham. Why ham? I have no idea,
I just wanted something new other than bacon.
Although I wished I had bacon instead.

Luckily the party didn't start until later, so I had time
to clean up my room and take a mini nap.

My parents and my cousins say that Maddyx resembles my older brother Eric.
They are reminded of him whenever they see Maddyx because 
they look a like.
You can see that big smile on my dad's face, I bet he misses his son.
My cousin Megan was saying how our family is complete now lol.
I never got a chance to meet my older brother,
but I would imagine he would be a great brother.

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