Manang Ro's Graduation MSN, FNP

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Today we celebrated My cousin Rowena (aka Manang Ro) 's Graduation
at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento.
She graduated from University of Phoenix with her
Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner.
I'm so happy for her, she's truly my role model.
Although going back to school for my masters seem like a good plan,
My mind is not set to go back to school.
I'm pretty content with where I am in life right now.
We will see.

We had dinner at the Thunder Valley Casino Buffet 
after the graduation. 
It was super delicious, I think I like it better than Red Hawk.
It's the closest thing we can get to Las Vegas Buffets!
I love me some Las Vegas Buffets!

My bf and I just spent $40 on a slot machine.
I dont gamble, I don't like to gamble at all.
Seeing that $40 dollar down the drain was sorta heart breaking.
I could've bought some other things with that 40 rather than losing it.
Oh well, at least it wasn't more than that.

Sublime was also performing outside of the Thunder Valley Casino.
We weren't able to get into the concert, but we had seats outside just to 
"listen" to them sing. Couldn't really see their faces.
All and all it was a great day!

It was also my first time at Thunder Valley,
I enjoyed their food.
I just wished I had more room to eat..
next time!

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