Truly Blessed + Big splurge

Friday, September 12, 2014

My lease was up with my previous car so I decided to trade it in and
get a different one.
I went to the dealership expecting to get the newest IS 350, 
but they only had it in red, with tan interior, which wasn't 
fitting to my taste. They had me test drive it, and I wasn't too impressed.
It all seemed too familiar.
So I caught my eye on a GS350 which I initially thought was
an IS350. I gave it a test run and the salesman could tell I loved that car.
He said I was driving it like I enjoyed it! I was giving it gas,
handling it well. I was sold. I didn't bother looking at anything else.

I ended up getting the GS350 on my own this time under my name.
My parents have released me under their wings lol.
Time to be a grown up now.
Work hard, play harder, buy big girl toys.

Next on my goal is to buy a house by the end of next year.

I'm just truly blessed for everything I have, supportive loved ones, a great job,
a brand new car that I can afford on my own. I truly thank God for all of these
blessings. I cannot be more thankful enough.

I bought this car SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 6.
I couldn't really fully enjoy it until maybe today.
The next day I was on call at work so I spent the majority of my time at work
and resting.
Then I work the whole week after that.

What i love most about it is that it has a white exterior and BLACK interior.
My previous car was white exterior and tan interior,
and the tan would get dirty quick.
The GS is a tad big larger than my IS,
i wasn't use to it at first, but after driving it for almost a week
I got the hang of it.
I love the interior, the detailing.
It is a GS350 F Sport,
so It's pretty sporty looking especially the pedals.

The day I bought the car.
The salesman wanted to take out picture and
was kind enough to park it in this area so that 
he can take this picture of us.

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