American River Rafting : July 27, 2013

Sunday, September 07, 2014

My brother planned this whole river rafting trip with 
our cousins and his friend. At first I didn't want to
because of all the stories I hear of people drowning and
dying at the American River.
Last minute my boyfriend, his sister and I ended up going.
I'm so glad we all went it was a fun and new experience.

It was a pretty hot day, the high was probably in the 100's.
My bro made sandwiches and brought snacks for us to much on
on the raft.

Earlier that morning I purchased a GoPro Camera
to use while rafting.
Sad story is that we ended up losing it within 15-20
minutes after getting in the raft. 
This is how Chaos happened.
My BOY cousins were messing around in the raft,
and pushed one of my other cousins off the raft.
He didn't have a life jacket on and we were drifting
away from him pretty quickly.
Luckily we were able to grab him and pull him back in the raft.
It was pretty scary.
During that chaos the Go Pro camera probably fell off into the water..
R.I.P Go Pro..
Luckily it wasn't one of us.. that's all that mattered!
Of course I was a bit bummed because that thing was expensive,
but what I can I do, it was gone..
I sucked it up, and enjoyed the rest of the day!
A life is more important than the materialistic goods.

Anyways, I thought the current was going to be crazy..
It wasn't crazy at all, although there were some areas where
it was more stronger than the others which is why I can see
how people can drown especially without a life vest.

The rest of the rafting trip was fun, we had the portable beats
by dre speaker, bumping island music,
eating good snacks drinking water..
My bro was also prepared in buying some waterguns..
There was a watergun war. LOL!
Super fun! 

My bro checking off his checklist for rafting

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