Karaoke Time

Saturday, November 02, 2013

I wanted to find a wallet wristlet to use for errands
or just for an everyday use.
With my old iPhone 4S, I had a phone case that kept my cards
in it.
Now that I have the iPhone 5s and a New case,
I felt it was more safe to just keep my cards in my wallet
rather than in my phone.
So, we drove to Arden Mall in Sacramento
to find a wallet wristlet in Nordstrom.

I was so indecisive It took me about 30 mins
to decide which one I would get.
It was either a Marc Jacobs one,
the Michael Kors, or the Kate Spade.
Honestly, I liked the exterior of the Michael Kors,
and the interior of the Marc Jacobs, I mainly liked
the card holder area, where one area was a clear plastic
for your ID. 
for the Kate Spade I liked the area of the iPhone pouch.
It fit my iPhone perfectly.
If only all three of these were combined together it 
would be the perfect wristlet! 

We headed home shortly after because my mom told
me my aunt wanted me to do her makeup..
however, she ended up not coming..
sorta ruined the plans my boyfriend and I had at sacramento,
but it was all good.
All things happen for a reason.

Since we planned on eating at Mikuni's in Elk Grove,
we drove back there but before we ate, 
we stopped at best buy, so I can buy a car charger for my phone
and another charger cord.
You can never have too many chargers!

Finally we got to eat!! We did eat some mini pretzel dogs
at Arden but that was it.

We grubbed like pigs!!
I love their food!!

We then came home
and my boyfriend set up the karaoke set my grandma
brought from he Philippines.
I was surprised because there were some very recent songs 
in the karaoke book.

Yeah, i don't claim to be a singer what so ever.
My voice is horrible lol!
It was fun.

My parents went to a dinner dance that day, here are some pics






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