iPhone 5S arrived

Friday, November 01, 2013

Today my I was finally going to meet my new iPhone.
I kept looking outside for the UPS man because they needed
my signature in order for them to drop it.
In the meantime, My boyfriend had an interview at the mall
so I came along but waited at Barns and Noble.
We then went to Chipotle and ordered our food to go, 
and went back home.

Finally around 5-ish,
The UPS man came and was acoompanied by another UPS
person, which normally doesn't happen.
Apparently they knew they were delivering an iPhone,
because they told me to enjoy my new phone after
I signed.
Maybe they have back up just in case someone tries
to rob them since they've been delivering new iPhones.
who knows.

I got the gold iPhone 5S.
I really love it.
My case also arrived that day
and I went to AT & T to get a tempered glass
screen protector of my phone.
My brother has one on his, and I love how it sleek it looks.
The brand is called BodyGuards? I think.

Then we went to Sonics and got a free cherry limeade for my boo thing,
since we had a free coupon for that.
Next we went to starbucks because I wanted to try their
Holiday flavors and of course wanted their holiday cups!
I got the caramel brûlée Latte. 
It was delish.
I usually get a TALL (which is the smallest) with Soy..
and I never finish it. LOL
I mainly go for starbucks just for the taste in their drinks.
But I never usually finish it.

Since there was nothing else to do.. of course,
we went to target and roamed around.
I'm excited about the Christmas Season!
The Christmas decor were all out in Target.
Surprisingly, I didn't get anything except a new tooth brush.
I'm trying to save money.. lol.

We finally came home,
and still were bored.
My boyfriend tried to surprise me with Oyster
that he flavored up,
what a sweetie bear!
It was Delish!
Then we ordered the Garlic Lovers Pizza from Pizza Guys
and this Bacon Cheese Bread.

As we were waiting my boyfriend and I were looking through
our unfinished scrapbook that was made a few years ago.
I'm very particular about the scrapbook and wanted everything in chronological order.
A few years ago I gave the scrapbook to my boyfriend so that he can add
his own pages to it.. but, he didn't put the pictures in chronological order.
I wrote all the dates behind the photos so that it'd be organized.
LOL, Oh well..

We hung out with my bro downstairs 
and just looked at his Aquarium filled with 2 fish
and a Crayfish.

Then we ended the night with some Ramen.. MM..



Caramel Brûlée latte !! Holiday cups are out!




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