Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's been a really long while since I've actually been home
for Halloween.
For the past 4 and a half years I've spent my Halloween
in Oakland, either going to Clinicals, being in school etc.
It feels really good to be back home!

My boyfriend and I did some last minute shopping
for a pumpkin and some candy.
We definitely wanted to hand out candy for the kiddos.
I don't think I've ever handed out candy.

My boyfriend also wanted to carve a pumpkin
so we ended up buying a pumpkin the day of halloween
and he carved it the same day of course.
We wanted to make it look cool with glow sticks,
bubbling coming out of its mouth along with 
smoke from the dry ice.
but all of those effects were a fail!!
We ended up using my Bath and Body Works Candle
to light up the pumpkin.

We picked up candy from the dollar store, and Walmart.
We mainly got fruity gummy candy, since my mom
already had some chocolate ones at home.

I remember when I was a kid, I always got excited
when I got the fruity gummy candies.
My boyfriend felt the same way as well.

Not many kids came by my neighborhood.
It's kinda sad..
I remember being younger and my whole neighborhood would
be cracking, there would be a lot of kids out..
Now all the kids migrated to the more wealthier areas
because they're probably afraid of crimes that may take place
near my area.

We barely got any kids..
We ended up giving most of the candy to my little nieces and cousins
that came by lol.
We even drove around the neighborhood and it was literally dead outside.
no excitement, the majority of the homes had their lights off,
it was so different seeing it like this during halloween.

While we were waiting for the kids 
my boyfriend and I decided to paint each other's faces.
Again, another last minute thing.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do to my boyfriend's face..
I'm not much of an artist..
But he did an amazing job on my face.
He's very artistic, and he also drew our pumpkin
free hand and carved it out.

On another note, my iPhone was suppose to be mailed in today,
but it got delayed in Kentucky! Was pretty pissed..
I've been waiting for it ever since I ordered it on Sept. 20.
It'll arrive tomorrow.

Overall, it was a nice Halloween being at home,
finally being able to give out candy to the kiddos.
even though barely came to the house.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! 













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