Witnessed a Fish Birth!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Started off my day doing Insanity Plyo cardio circuit.
Then my boyfriend and I headed to the Japanese Store
Called Sakura, because I wanted to get some Meiji Chocolates.
I took some from my cousins house last weekend and they were
little fun size chocolates and they were so good.
Unfortunately, they didn't have the fun size but they did
have the big bar.
I also got some frozen ramen from the store,
mainly because I always see Benji from itsjudyslife make ramen,
and the way he makes it look so delicious!
I also had a ramen in LA and it was really really good!
I got 4 different soup based ramens.
Excited to try them out!
They're frozen, so they might be more fresh than the
packaged room temp one.

Next we headed to eat.
we had Pho at Mama's Pho and some spring rolls.
I got the usual beef with noodles,
while my boyfriend tried the seafood combo with noodles
for the first time. It was pretty good.

We then had to drop off the frozen ramen at home before we
went to do other errands.
We headed to walmart so I can get some acne face wash
and stuff like that..
 #acneproblems ! lol
Then went to PetSmart to get another fish for the aquarium.
We only had feeder fish, which are like gold fishes,
but the crawdad didn't even eat them..
So I wanted to get a different type of fish..
It think they're called black Molly's.
We got two, because they survive better with a partner.
I  think one is male and one is female. 
We also got some live plants.

Crazy thing is that.. One of the fishes which I assume is a female
Started hatching babies behind the filter! 
My brother saw little fishes swimming around in the gravel
and couldn't believe his eyes so he asked us to check it out.
We saw those little back fishes swimming around!
super cool!!
They were dropping like balls 
and they would start wiggling and swimming!
Before we put the fishes in the water,
my boyfriend was saying how the little black fish,
which i assumed was the female,
look a bit fat.
and that's because she was PREGNANT!

sad thing is.. towards the end of the night..
the stupid gold fishes ate all but one.

one survived.. and we saved it an created a nursery for it.
I was so sad..
it was so amazing watching the babies swim around for the first time
there was about 14 of them!!

RIP baby mollies.

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