Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today I wanted to go to Bath and Body Works
because they were having a 2 for $22 sale on their candles.
I love their candles and love the scent!
A candle by itself is like 20 dollars
so this was a really great deal!
I also got some car fresheners.

My brother wanted my boyfriend and I to get him
some bottom feeders for his aquarium.
So we headed next door to Petco and 
got two different bottom feeders.

Then for lunch we got some tacos from the taco truck.
I love TACOS! back then I usually get 4-5 tacos
and eat them all in one sitting.
now I only limit myself to 2 tacos.
I found myself having chest pains when
I would eat that many tacos because I would eat
them often.
Like every weekend or every 3 days.

They're so delicious!
But they're not worth my life.

We came home and at our tacos 
and headed out the another fish store with my brother.
He wanted to visit this fish store off March Ln.
it was really cool, they had more variety of fishes.
Salt water fishes too!
I saw this pretty neon pink fish.
too bad it was salt water.

I also wanted this American Dwarf Frog
that looked really cool to watch!
but the girl worker wouldn't give it to us because 
we have an "aggressive" aquarium, because we had a crawdad.
our crawdad doesn't even harm our fish...

She actually wouldn't let us get any fish because
we had a crawdad.
kinda sucked..
she didn't get business today.

Came home and took a nap with my boyfriend
before he left back home.

Then woke up and decided to try out my new candles.
and I love the scent!! 
It smelled like a bakery in my house!

I was also craving Sopas..
Watching itsjudyslife daily makes me crave the food she eats
Usually my aunt would make sopas,
but she haven't made it in a while.
So I asked my mom if she could teach me.
I chopped up the veges
while my mom boiled the chicken with ginger.

As I was waiting..
I bought tickets for Ladies Night Out Vol. 2.
a concert with Ginuwine, 112, Jagged Edge, J holiday, and H- Town.
Don't know who H town is..
But my friend Cheska and I were trying to
get into the same section of the concert.
We were close.. but were only 2 rows apart.
It's all good.
I'll be going there with my Boyfriend, Cheska and My boyfriend's Sister Mei Mei.
It's going to be fun!
I grew up with their songs
and I love their music!
whatever happened to good music?
Now it's all Bull crap music..

My boyfriend also love their songs too so it's gonna be good!
First time going to a concert with him!
Glad I got tickets!
I've been contemplating on getting them mainly because
I saw a groupon deal and they were $15 a ticket!
When  I went to purchase It was sold out..
and that's when I was like idk if I should go..

But since I start orientation 2 days after the concert,
I thought, why the heck not!
might as well live it up! 

My mom also shared with me her Scentsy
candles she purchase from my cousin three years ago!
I think Judy from itsjudystime 's cousin works for that company!
LOL i'm always referring to them. I love them. 

It's pretty cool and more safe than a traditional Candle.
It's basically like a lamp,
and your burn the wax of the candle with the lamp of the light bulb.
No fire needed.

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