Two Workouts in One Day

Monday, October 28, 2013

Today I had a 12:40 appointment for a physical and I 
decided to workout before that just so I could get it out of the way.
I prefer working out in the mornings rather than at night
because I hate looking forward to working out towards the end of
the day, when I can spend that time relaxing.
Now, when I start working, I won't have time to workout in the morning,
since I start at 6:45am. Unless I want to wake up at 4am! 
But i'd rather cherish my sleep.
I plan on working out right after I get out of work.

Anyways, got my workout done.
I worked out my legs!!
I know i'm going to be really sore the next few days.

Went home, cleaned up and went to my appointment.
Checked my vision with the snellen chart. I think that's what 
it's called.
My right eye is 20/70 while my left eye is 20/25
My right eye is not doing so well,
and I was told by my doctor a few years ago that I
had astigmatism in that eye.
However, I still refuse to wear my glasses.
I only wear them at night sometimes..
or when I really cannot see and i'm unfamiliar with the roads.

After my whole physical exam, which went excellent,
i'm a healthy 23 year old :)
blood pressure was good 110/72 !!

After, I had to perform lifting techniques down stairs
and be evaluated by the way I lift.
The facility recommends that I am able to carry 50lbs,
carrying it and bring it to the floor.
Did that with ease.
Next I had to pick up 30lbs carry it to one side of the room,
squat down and drop it, then walk back
and did that 4 times.
Boy that was a workout,
especially since I did LEGS today.
That was like 2 workouts in one day! lol

I was finally done with everything took about 2 hours.

Then went to Sally's Beauty Supply to get my Grandma some hair dye
and I also bought a few nail items and a deep conditioner and I got
to renew my Sally's card.

Ask my brother what he wanted to eat and he said Wing stop,
So I placed an order for wingstop, lemon pepper and garlic parmesan, for pick up.
Before that, I wanted to get Spinach for my green smoothie at walmart. 
I also wanted to get KALE, but they didn't have ANY!! bummer..
I got that and picked up the wing stop and headed back home.

Then I tried editing the majority of my vlogs!

Later on that night I found out the one of the baby fish died :(
RIP baby molly.

The second baby fish died..
 I think i'm at fault, I fed them way too much.

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