Sore Legs

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Didn't Vlog much today..
Nothing really interesting happened.
I feel like this vlog is turning into a daily diary lol.
I enjoy making beauty videos,
but I just don't know what to film now a days.
I feel like I film mostly for myself, just because
I enjoy doing it,
not so much for the view.
Even though my views have reduced dramatically
since I stopped making videos,
but it's all good!
It's more like a therapeutic outlet for me.

I haven't been buying much makeup lately,
I feel like I have way too much, which I do.
I have way too many eye shadows,
crazy colored ones that I barely touched.
I mainly like buying lipsticks and foundations now.

Anyways, today I went to the gym,
worked out Back and little bit of biceps
and ended cardio on the treadmill jogging-sprint.

MAN I feel so sore today. Yesterday's leg day got me beat!!
I literally walk with a limp because it hurts so much.
It's been a while since I've intensely worked out my legs,
probably a good 2 weeks?
I went hard yesterday on legs,
and boy does it feel good to feel the soreness
It hurts when I try and sit on the toilet too!! ouch!!

Although I lost motivation sometimes to workout,
and miss some workouts here and there,
once I get back to my daily routine of working out,
I remember why I'm doing this.

Yeah I skipped a whole week of working out,
yeah, I ate really unhealthy during that week,
I'm human, we fall, we lose motivation,
but one thing I don't do is quit.
I get back up again and start again.
Although it feels like i'm starting at the beginning again,
i'm still doing it.

We can't beat ourselves up if we eat something unhealthy
skip a few workouts,
There's always a new day ahead of us,
a new day to start out fresh again.
It's okay to fall, just remember to get back up again
and remember why you want this!

I want this so I can look good, stay healthy be healthy.
I want this to be a lifestyle,
so I won't have to take the many medication like some of 
my family members do.
I have a family history of heart issues, high blood pressure,
high cholesterol, diabetes.
I don't want to be a part of those illnesses. 
This is why I want to better myself.

Keep your eye on the prize
and never give up! :)

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