More Candles!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Woke up and got ready for 12:15 Mass
and ate with the family afterwards at
Olive Garden.
That's usually how my sunday morning/afternoons
At olive garden, I ordered a mixed grill since we had left 
over pasta from yesterday's Pasta Alla Checca.

Since today was the last day for the Bath and Body Works
2 for $22 Candle sale, I decided to head over there with my boyfriend
to get some more candles! I also had a 25% off coupon on top of that
so that was a steal! 
I love their candles, they smell really good!
Some scents are more powerful than others,
but over all they smell really great!!
especially for my house.. since my parents are always
cooking fishy things.. lol.

Ended up napping again..

Woke up from my nap and hung out with
my boyfriend before he left back home.
We watched Once Upon a Time which was a new episode today.
Also watched other Youtube Videos.
Life Hacks, KevOnStage..

He left, 
and I tried editing my vlog videos.
I can only edit one at time..
my computer gets really slow when the video renders.
I've been really behind with editing them.. lol!

But now i'm going to end my night with
As you may know by now,
i'm such a big fan!

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