Really Really Sore Legs

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Went to the Dr's and got my PPD test read,
then went to HR and filled out papers as a new hire.
I felt like such a big girl lol!
Got my badge picture,
except I won't get it until the second day of orientation.
While I was taking my picture I got a call saying I
needed to get a flu shot.
Luckily I was still in the area so I just headed 
across the street and got that done.

Finally I went to the gym after
and did some shoulders and sprint/jog 
for cardio.

Hung out most of the day.

and oh boyyyy did my legs hurt!
It hurt even to sit on the toilet!
hurt to walk, everything!
Walking up the stairs..

I decided to start editing my Grandpa's
Viewing and Funeral video
so that my family can watch it.
It took me a while to do it mainly because I
 wasn't ready to see him in a coffin.
and I still can't real accept the fact that he's
physically gone..

Got the majority of the video done then went to pick up my boyfriend.

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