Shopped 'til we dropped!

Monday, October 14, 2013

OCTOBER 14, 2013

My boyfriend and I headed to Valley Lexus of Modesto
to get my car serviced. It's been in need of an oil change for 
a couple of months. The service took longer than expected
and we asked if they had a courtesy shuttle to take us to the mall
so we can kill time by "window shopping" LOL!
We ended up splurging a bit at the guess store.
Everything was 30% off.
It was a good splurge though.
We both haven't shopped in a while.
I also got some cool flash lens ray ban sunglasses.
They look awesome.
Had to splurge myself the day before my interview lol!
I got a jacket and sweater, while my boyfriend
got a jacket 2 cardigans and 2 shirts from Tilly's.
It was really a good day.
We  didn't are argue and we enjoyed each other's presence.
We helped each other shop.
Usually one of us would be bored if the other shops
and we tend to rush each other.
But this time we were taking our time.. 
picking clothes for each other.
It was overall just a wonderful day.

I got a camera mount for my car a best buy
so I can film vlogs once in a while in my car. 
LOL. It's getting serious.. lol JK.

We got home, and hung out before he left back to Sac. 
I really enjoyed this day. 





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