My favorite sushi restaurant

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My boyfriend and I went to Nordstrom,
So I can pick up some black boots.
I don't have a pair of good black boots.
I prefer the riding boot type of style.

After Nordstroms in Roseville, we headed to my
favorite Sushi Restaurant in Elk Grove,

It's a pricey restaurant but I just absolutely love their food.
We normally get the usual.

Garlicky Edamame
Puff Daddy
BBQ white Tuna with both sauces

Train Wreck
then my bf got a diff. sushi called
Fiesta Roll. (it was good too..)
usually we get the James Roll.

Basically head back home.

Later that night,
My boyfriend spotted another baby fish!
we had to put it in the nursery with the other baby fish.
I'm surprised it didn't get eaten like the others.
It's been 2 days since they were born
and it survived those days on its own.

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