Saturday, October 26, 2013

Started off the day by getting some Tacos at the Taco truck
as our "snack."
After we headed to Michaels to see if they had fabric
because I wanted my boyfriend to make me an apron!
They don't sell fabric like Joann's
so instead we found doughnut pans!
I watched a video from LauraInTheKitchen by Laura Vitale,
and I wanted to try her apple cider doughnuts.
I ordered some on Amazon the night before,
but ended up canceling the order since I saw
some today at Michaels.

We also got some dessert at Cold Stone,
tried out their new pumpkin ice cream creation with
walnuts, caramel, and heath bars.

Then we dropped off an application for my boyfriend at the mall
and went back home and took a nap.
It was still early out.. but there's nothing to do here..
and we were up a bit early than usual. 

After waking up from our nap we went ahead and cooked
our Pasta Alla Checca with Chicken.
It was delicious!

For dessert we made Apple Cider Doughnuts.
They turned out yummy as well.
The glaze was a bit too sweet in my opinion,
but it was still really good and very
easy to make.

Then we tried watching Grown Ups 2, 
but it was taking a while to play..
so we ended up watching itjudyslife,
just replayed some old episodes and we saw benji making his RAMEN!
We bought a lot of "fresh frozen" ramen at Sakura
and we had chicken from the pasta so we decided to share one pack together.
the package of ramen comes with two, and one by itself
is a lot.
We made the shoyu based ramen, it's like a soy sauce base
and added chicken, fried garlic and a poached egg.
The soup base was really good!
Great quality.

We then finally ended our night watching Grown Ups 2.

The fish my dad caught!




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