I Hate Needles!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Today I had to take do a drug test for my job.
They had to draw blood from me and they couldn't even 
find a good vein.
It's okay I don't blame them.
Sometimes it really is hard finding a vein..
but Instead of only getting 3 pokes..
which consist of PPD, Blood Draw, and Tetnus..
I ended up having 7 pokes!!
and I really hate needles!!
my arms were so sore after..
The lady had to give me water to plump up my veins..
That wasn't working..
On top of that I was really cold,
so my blood flow was probably constricted to my peripheries. 
She finally got blood from my hand,
after warming it with a heating pack.

Then I went to Costco with my brother to do some 
Care home grocery shopping for my mom.
We got the usual paper towels, bathroom tissues,
and gloves.
I got a big bucket of cookie dough! LOL!
guilty.. I love me some cookies.
That's a bad eating habit of mine.

Then I was trying to enjoy my time in the family room
watching television since no one was home.
I ended up not watching anything..
Youtube videos interests me more!! hahah!

I took a nap..

Woke up and decided to do my nails.


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