First Time in BART

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My brother and I headed to the SF to pick up
our race bibs for the NIKE WOMAN'S MARATHON
on Sunday. We drove to dublin/pleasonton and took the bart the
rest of the way to SF. It was my first time in BART! It was a
fun experience. Just sit back and let the cart take you!
No need to be stuck in traffic.
I felt like I was living the city life! lol!
It was all just too new and exciting for me.
You can tell it was my first time because I was recording
in bart.
It's cool how the bart goes underwater to get to SF.
Although once we go under it's just a dark tunnel we go through,
but it's really fascinating how they made this. 

So we got off POWELL st. in SF near Union Square
and we ate at Super Duper, a burger joint that my bro frequently
goes to when he's in SF.
The food was bomb! especially the garlic fries!
Their pickles were also yummy!!
And I don't like pickles!
also, while I was waiting for my brother to order the food,
the place I got hired at gave me a call
to accept the position! 
It made it OFFICIAL!!
I have an appointment with them tomorrow.
While we were eating, I got a notification on my news app
saying that Union Square was Closed due to a BOMB THREAT!
That was really scary, because that bomb threat was the place
where we were suppose to get our BIBS for the marathon.
I guess they had a suspicious package at the expotique where
we pick up our bibs and the shut it down for a while.
There were helicopters and cops..
It was kind of scary. 
Kinda reminded me about the Boston Marathon Bombers
which gave me the chills.
After a couple of minutes they opened it up.
My cousin got to talk to a journalist from the SF Chronicles and she 
got to be in the article! LOL CLICK HERE here name is Eileen Gapasin.
Me and my bro were right next to her, but we weren't included LOL!

Then they finally opened it up.. and we got in line for our bibs!
It was fun!!
there was loud music, cool workout fashion,
Afterwards my bro and I headed to Niketown and got 
some running gear for the marathon. 
Then we headed back home on bart!
We bypassed a lot of traffic and we got to relax our feet from all that walking we did.
Once we came back home we went to sports authority
to get some GU to snack on for our marathon.
I had a great day with my Brother.
I love him..
Wouldn't change him for the world! 






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