A New Home for our Crawdad Crawdy

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The night before my parents went fishing.
They usually go in the afternoon and come home 
the next morning.
I woke up around 9 to see their fishes because my mom told me they caught
14 fishes and one 14lb stripe bass.

Then I got ready and ask my Grandma if she wanted to head to the
cemetery to visit my Grandpa. I've been wanting to go visit him
ever since I got the good news I was hired as and RN.
Before he passed, he always told me to finish school..
and that he couldn't wait to attend my graduation.
I also made him a promise that I would graduate as a nurse.
He passed away a month before my graduation.
I was very sad..
So I wanted to visit him and tell him that I kept his promise,
and that i'm now going work as a nurse!!

When we came home, my brother came home with a tank
for our crawdad.
We kept our crawdad in a wide big bowl,
and my brother wanted to give him a place to roam around.
Very sweet of him.
It was fun.. we kept watching Crawdy try to eat
and we even put feeder fish in there to see if he would eat it.
Didn't eat it though..

Then we left to San Jose around 5:45
to stay over my cousins house for the marathon the next day.
She made us 2 different pastas, garlic bread, Spam Misubi, 
and Kale Salad.
It was yummy!
I'm thankful for her hospitality.

Then we had to hit the sheets because we had to wake up
early at 3:30am to get ready for the marathon.






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