QOD Brazilian BLOW OUT

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My mom has a hair stylist and she was doing 
a brazilian blow out on one of her clients.
My mom was interested in what it does and asked me if I wanted to get it done
because she told me it'll make my hair smooth and shiny.
She said it would be my Christmas present for the year.
I said why not? lol.

Initially I got one done at ULTA. and it's called keraStraight.
But the girl who did it didn't know what she was doing.
After the flat ironed my hair with the product in it which was suppose to be the last step,
SHE THEN WASHED MY HAIR. which made no sense!
I was clueless at the time and trusted her.
but the next day it was still frizzy no changes..
waste of money. And it took longer which was 3 1/2 hours

This time, I got it done at my mom's salon. I trusted her hair stylist
because she has been my mom's stylist since I was in elementary school.
The also do this procedure often to their clients. while I was there,
another client was getting hers done.

the process went like this:
1) She washed my hair with a specific shampoo to open up the cuticles for the product
2) She then completely dried my hair with a blow dryer
3) carefully added the keratin treatment by parting my hair into sections and applied the product as if 
you were to dye your hair.
4) she then flat ironed my hair with the product on my hair using a comb to make sure the hair isn't tangled while straightening it. (it may hurt if you have a sensitive scalp. but I didn't. The hair gets tangled when trying to comb it because of the product)
5) then she was done! but I got a hair cut, so she cut my hair afterwards with it being dry.
It took her 2 hours. It wasn't that bad at all. not as bad as my ULTA experience!
Then she gave me a sulfate free shampoo and a conditioner by KENRA to maintain
my hair.

I loved the results afterwards!!
However, I didn't wash my hair until 2 days later.
You can wait longer, but I just wanted to wash it already.
It still turned out wonderful!
Here are some pictures

This is my hair right after the procedure


Then here's before and after.
the before is a picture of how my hair was when I blow dried it with product in it (olive oil to reduce frizz) before the brazilian blow out
the after is after I had washed my hair after 2 days and all I applied was a heat protector.


more after pics:

it's super amazing! and cut down my hair styling process in half! I didn't even need to straighten my hair for the day. All I did was added a heat protectant and blow dried my hair.
It reduced my frizz to about 80% i would say.
It makes life more easier. lol.
It lasts about 4-5 months if you care for your hair properly.
My stylist recommended me
this shampoo and conditioner by KENRA

they both smell good and feel really nice on my hair.
I believe they're $20 each?

The procedure itself about about $300. expensive.. i know..
It was my Christmas present. and I did really well this semester of nursing school. :D

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