Hana Flat Iron

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I was kindly asked to review a product from http://www.misikko.com/.
I received a 1" Hana Flat iron along with other items! 
So nice of them to send me out a product to review.
I will give an honest review on this flat iron. 

Here's what I got in the package.

It's a really light flat iron.
It heats up to 450 degrees
and it heats up fairly quickly.
price is $119
original is $204
Best hair straightener for people who are on a budget.



I Really liked this shine shield serum.
I applied it to the ends of my hair before straightening and
it made my ends really nice and soft.

Before and after results

My frizzy hair after blowdrying



AFTER straightening with HANA flat iron


I compared this with my GHD flat iron which i bought for $235
I really love my GHD flat iron. It glides through my hair like butter and doesn't tug on my hair.
It also heats up really really fast. like within 10 seconds or so.
The GHD product itself feels very strong and it doesn't feel cheap.
With the HANA flat iron, I kinda had to run the iron a few times through my hair to get rid of the frizz
With my GHD it takes at least one swipe down.
The HANA also tugged on my hair a bit but it wasn't too bad.
Overall I choose my GHD over the HANA.
HOWEVER, i would purchase the HANA if i weren't able to invest in a GHD.
It's a great beginners flat iron and does it's job.
I really like the shine serum it came with!
Made my hair soft and shiny. I love it.

For more products visit: http://www.misikko.com/.
for Blowdryers, hair straighteners, hair products. etc.

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