Monday, April 18, 2011

I'd love to update with all the wonderful pictures I took Saturday..
unfortunately, i'm gonna have to let that wait until next week.
This week and next week are finals week.
tomorrow I have an exam, and Wednesday I have my lab final,
which is a head to toe assessment.
Next week is when all the hectic finals are.
Monday.. oh goodness.. 2 finals.. 
Tuesday.. 2 finals.. and i'm done! :D
4 months off for the summer! yippee!!

I figured  I'd hold off on the updating until my finals are over..
Making a post and choosing pictures are sometimes time consuming for me.
I don't want to use up all that time updating my blog,
when I can be using it to study.

Here's a sneak peek tho! 

My cousin Maricris had her baby
Thursday April 14, 2011
Maliyah Navelle Carolino Suos
She's a beauty :D

Saturday, was when I visited her, and it was also the day my cousin and her husband and baby came
down from the philippines, and we celebrated their welcome party.

Welcome to America IZZY! mwahh!

And my nephew Nathan got so big since I last saw him!!
heheh his hair is all over the place. but he has some gorgeous eyes!! cutie!

Saturday was a great day.. filled with love, babies, and most importantly,

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