Hello! I'm back for the remainder of the MONTH!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This whole college thing is so stressful. I never imagined that high school would be such a breeze compared to college. I'm just grateful I'm back home for the holidays! Well.. I survived my first semester in college, It wasn't as bad.. but its harder than high school. Luckily we only had one final, which was human anatomy. Hopefully I did "Okay" knowing that I didn't get to study that well. I am still pissed about the fact that I had hella days to study, and yet I blew it all off just by relaxing. SHIT! Can't be doing that next year since I have CHEM and BIO and other classes which results to 17 units. That's hella.

In any case.. I might be doing a few tutorials here and there. I've refreshed everything.. that goes for the upcoming tutorials. I figured I wanted to start fresh, since those requests were pretty ancient.. I've been a little rusty, since I haven't been putting on that much make up in college and all my cosmetic things are all here at home. I mean face it.. who do I gotta look good for in college? lol.. so yea.. basically I just throw on some tinted moisturizer, eye liner, or mascara.. or nothing at all.

I'll continue updating this later, I'm going to go with my parents to get a Christmas Tree! I know a little late, but hey, its not christmas yet.

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