Didn't get a Christmas tree..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So I went out with my mom for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) because my dad said it was too cold to get a christmas tree lol?.. Afterwards we went to office depot so I can get some printing supplies for my printer. That way I can print out pictures from my cotillion that I finally got. Took about 6 MONTHS! but yeah.. we had a good talk. We also talked about moving to the house we purchased back in 2004. It's much more modern than the house were living in now. The house we're living in now is like.. 22 years old? Something like that.. but I've been here my whole life.. never moved. But I'm okay with the move since I need more space for all my clothes and makeup. Thay way everything will be more organized. A big plus about it also is that the bathroom at the Newer house is much bigger than the one I have now. And it also has more storage space. Im really excited..

On the other hand.. I will show yall some pictures of the past few month just to catch up!! but before that.. here are pictures of our delicious dinner. yum-oh!

A video of our trip to San Diego/Disneyland with the family and boyfriends..
San Diego/Disney Trip

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