Why am I not studing for finals?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Geez!! I should be getting a head start on my studying, but it feels too damn good to not have hw or anything to study for [except finals coming up next week]. I don't know I just want to relax and update on my blog that I haven't been updating for the past months. Hopefully ppl will come back and see it again. lol, so far I dont have much visitors but it's okay.

Tomorrow is our senior brunch, and my boyfriend and I went to go shop around for dresses and I found the perfect one. So i'm excited for that. And we get our yearbooks! only seniors though. I still need to get my card signed by the deans so I can finally get my cap and gown! I can't wait to decorate my cap. I still don't know what to put on it.. geez.. so much to do so little time. Graduation is next Saturday! yoo hooo!! I CANNOT WAIT I AM so excited! Some much great things are around the corner.. my birthday will be coming up pretty soon also! wow..

I am just to overwhelmed.

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