Disneyland Grad night!

Friday, May 30, 2008

It was so much fun! I'm glad I didn't skip this! The whole entire Disneyland park was closed for seniors! It started from 9:30 PM and ended at 6:00 AM! so I am so tired right now I just got back. It was sort of like a one day trip kinda thing! It was FUNN! We stayed at California Adventures from 9:30pm to 12am. and went to disneyland and stayed until 6. The clubs were cool, the Dj was pretty good and the songs were good too! hella ppl were freak dancing, and I can never forget my friend Ariel. That damn freak-a-leak. LOL! thats my girl though, I call her the energizer bunny! She got like 6 guys on the dance floor! my friend brittany was getting some tooo! Some guys were tryna dance with me... but hey, I'm a good girlfriend and I dissed they asses! lol. Vern & Esteban were protecting me from those freaky guys on the floor. it was so fun!! there were like a lot of clubs but the main one was were we were at. damn.. staying up until 6! The ride to LA was ridiculously long!! 7 hours? 5 hour ? 6? iuno.. it was so freaking long! put it this way. We left at 1 and got there at 8:45 we also had 2 rest breaks. So we left disneyland at 6.. and we were so freakin tried. We were like zombies. My feet was in pain.. we didn't even sit that whole time. Me Ariel and Vern didn't even eat!! lol. If I weight myself i'm probably hella light. Man I have soo much to tell.. it's just too much! I'll get back to yalls later!!

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