Stressful summer so far.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm suppose to relax during the summer. Yet, i'm so full of stress. I have to do soo much things for my 18th birthday.. which I didn't want a big party for, but my mom is trying to make it into a cotillion. ughh.. I really don't want it like this. I just want to chill.. and just relax! instead i'm loaded with all this planning and shit.. with a month left to the party. Earlier my parents were arguing because my dad didn't write down the directions to where the party is suppose to be, which didn't help my mom at all. OR ME! I'm the one who gotta type them and print them out and again, mess with the invitations.

Tuesday, My boyfriend helped me with the invitations. We were in the process of glueing. We didn't get everything done b/c we took a break and went to watch a movie some friends. We watched strangers. I think thats what it was called. It's a stupid movie.. don't watch it. I also bought a new camera bag for my camera! yay. now I dont have to carry the box around with it in it. LOL. I'm so cautious with that camera.. knowing how much I paid for it.. and didn't even get a warranty. So i'm being really careful.

Monday, we took my boyfriend's dog Rocky to the doggy park! It was our first time there.. and it was pretty nice. i've never seen anything like it around the area until my boyfriend bought me there. He saw it before but it was our first time going there. Rocky was pretty excited. He met a few buddies. all the dogs there were so obedient. Non of them would come up to you and attack you. They were well trained. It was such a cute park. theres like sections for small animals and big animals.
here are some pictures..

060108 136

060108 090

060108 098

060108 151

these pictures were all taken by my nikon camera. I love it soo much!! it's wonderful! i'm still in the process of learning!

I really need time to do videos again. I made one hecka days ago. Maybe a week or so ago. But i never had the time to upload it. I have soo much stuff to do!! Hopefully this summer i'll get a chance to go to Disneyland with family and boyfriend and sixflags with my boyfriend and friends. I'm excited. i want this summer to last forever before I go to college.

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