Friday 02/01/08

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I came home from my day out with my boyfriend. It was pretty fun! Well today,[i'm meaning Friday, although it's the 2nd already] My boyfriend and I double dated with Maricris and Nava. Boyyyyyee Maricris' new car is lookin might fly!! I Love it! Well the four of us all went to go watch "The Eye" With Jessica Alba. I didn't see the Asian Version, because I was too scared when my boyfriend tried to show it to me. I kept making up excuses that I wasn't going to sleep at night or that I would have to drive home scared even though I just live like a few blocks away from him. LOL. Well we watched the movie, and I actually liked it. There was a lot of laughter througout the movie, because there was a lot of immature teen, or teenie boppers is how i put it. They kept on talking and laughing at parts that wasn't even funny, which was kinda of annoying. Anyways.. I loved the story line, I thought it was kind of scary. Oh yea and another thing.. Our boyfriends pulled off that little thing that they did last time we went to go watch movie. They both sat down first before us sitting right next to eachother leaving us for the outside seat, but Maricris stopped them and they had to switch out. LOL! that was pretty cute though. After, we all splitted up. My baby and I went to go get food from Sho Mi's which is this japanese restaurant. Ill post up the pictures of what we go later, and then after we hitted up 7 eleven to get slurpees chips & dip and monster slim jims. LOL! that's about it. Now im just sitting here in bed being bored, hoping that my babe would call me tonight. :). Take care everyone!

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