Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm all ready, all I gotta do is wait for my baby to call. He's taking a shower right now. Then he's going to get a haircut, and off to the picture studio we go! Wow, this doesnt feel like any other day. I'm really Anxious and Excited. I can't wait to hang out with him! I can honestly say, this is the greatest thing that has ever happend to me. A Great man like my baby, man... what more can I ask for. I know I'm still young.. but we have this good ass connection with eachother. I finally found THAT guy, my dream GUY! :)

Heres a story of how we met..
t all started a while back when i was in like the 5th grade. I was looking through my cousins Delta Sierra year book and there i spotted the most F I O N E S T guy i saw in that book. All i did was stare at his picture everytime i would get a hold of that year book. i was basically sprung off his picture. It never occured to me that i was gonna meet this person becuz i thought i was too young and that he wouldn't like an ugly gurl like me. so all i could do was stare at his picture thinkin how damn hott he is. but in my mind i knew that i couldn't have him. A few years have passed i was now a freshman. My cousins and I went to the mall i forgot why i guess cuz our parents wanted to chill or watever. I didn't realli want to go to the mall but i went anyways. Then we saw Demareua and he was with a few friends.. i only knew him n chienh.. and so yea.. he went up to us and said wussup.. yea we said wussup. then his homeboys came and a guy came up and said, "hi my name is Johnny" & shook my hand. & i said, "im Leesah" then he did tha same wit my other cousins. then we walked somewhere else and they walked somewhere else.. we thought that they were leaving so yea. it was just watever.. and me n my cousins walked to this one nextel stand cuz this stupid ass guy was tryna sell us a free fone. but we had to be 18. and he was all like go call ur parents or watever or whoever was 18. so yea watever.. we were just talking to his boughetto ass. and next thing we saw demareua and his homeboys walking our way. and we all thought that they went home. so haha my cousins asked one of them if they were 18 so that they can get that fone. n yea.. one of his homeboys, Johnny, came up to me and said hey, so i said hey.. but i kept looking down n stuff i felt kinda shy like why is he talking to me im hella ugly.. hahha.. and he said i think you look cute. i said oh.. thank u..then i turned around.. hahha.. and he was hella tryna talk to me. and all i did was look down n responded to him.. but i looked up sometimes. cuz before this i told myself that i gave up on guys cuz they were a fuckin pain. and yea.. then we were talking.. a lil bit, cuz my stubborn ass. hahah then he said can i have ur number and at first i said umm i ono.. no.. then he said just to talk like friends. and maricris was all like come on leesah just give it to him.. so that u can get to kno him & be friends man.. its just friends.. so i said hmm ok.. and usually i'd never give anyone my number.. but looking back on this im hella glad i gave my number to him. then later on that night he called me. after we hung up i thought he was a hella sweet person. He was hella nice to me. heheh.. then the next day was new years eve. and i was talkin to my cousin about him. i said, " damn isn't that the guy i hella use to jock back wen i was in elementary ?" she was like DUH! hahha and i was like damn.. he is FIONE ! and hella sweet!! lols.. and i called him later on that day and i guess he wasnt expecting a call from me cuz it seemed like i wasnt interested in him. heheh.. but i really was.. i was just afraid to show it. then after i came home from my neice junalynns house, cuz they had a new years party there.. hahha yea after i came home i called Johnny again.. it was kinda late but he said i could call anytime.. but his fone was busy.. so then i went online.. and he was online.. haha we chatted for a while and he asked me if i wanted to go watch a movie or do something the next day. i said yea sure. then i asked him, is your name Veasna and he said yea how u kno that ? i said, "OHH DAMN !! BACK WHEN I WAS YOUNG I use to HELLA JOCK UR PIC.. he was like OH FOREALS.. haha yea.. then we called eachother up.. talked till 5 am.. lols it was cool. and the next day i went to go kick it wit him n his homeboys n stuff and we all went to modesto. On the ride there i was hella quiet. hahha and he was doing all tha talking. then we headed to the mall and when we got out of the car he asked if he could "hold my hand.. and in my mind i was like aww how cute!! hehe and i said yea sure. =D lols.. and we were just walking around n stuff.. it was nice.. i just couldnt believe it tho.. then we went to go watch a movie.. " meet the fockers" hahah.. it felt hella nice wen were holding eachother.. damn it was just nice but his ass was getting numb. lols. then we came back to stockton just crusied around n we were all cuddled up wit eachother in tha front. it felt hella nice.. then i had to go home.. so they dropped me home n i gave him a lil kiss on the cheek. lols only one. n he gave me like 3. heheh.. yea.. then didnt get too see eachother sunday but we talked on the fone. and he said do you think it would be too soon if i ask you out. then i said noo.. and he said o well i was just asking. i was like damn.. got my hopes up.. hahah then he said if i wanted to do it i wouldnt do it over the phone. and later on that night we talked on tha fone n he asked if he could see me that nite. i said umm ok. it was like 1:50 or something.. and got in.. and gave eachother hugs.. n he was looking at me.. i was lookin down.. haha ( damn wats wrong wit me ) then he said can i ask you something. i said yea. n he said will you be my girlfriend. i was like in hella shock.. in my mind i was like are u serious?! ( in a good way ) and i said yess. hahah aww =D and we gave eachother hugs.. and finally gave him a nice passionate kiss ! lols.. it felt hella nice man.. oh boy he hella made my day. who would have ever thought it'd end up like this. we both thought we were just gona be friends. but it turned into a wonderful relationship that i will never regret having. im so gratefull that i found my baby! I LOVE YOU BABY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN Much WITH ALL MY HEART! THANK GOD I FOUND YOU BABY! MUAH! nothing can ever come between us.

(I took this from my myspace I wrote the year we first met.)

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