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Monday, December 17, 2007

My favorite couin & I

My Favorite couple, I had to take a pic with them!

Michelle & I, My favorite lil cousin, aside from her big sister. LOL.
Love the Hair? Maricris did it for me, We were tryna go for that Pursebuzz look
She suceeded in her own way and I LOVED IT! I also bought this head band from claires
that day.

Oh yea just to show you guys, My curls stayed all day without any hair spray!
As you can tell it's already night time.


Yumm, I love my Hot coco, Wasn't I braggin about it all DAY?!

Another one of my Bruin Ballers, Zuriel!

Having a Grand Old time.

Our NANAY! w/ her beautiful Grand-daughters!
WE Love her very much!

Keepin' warm in the winter time..

Welcome to our Mansion.. "sike?"

Kim & I, Finally a Picture together!

Inin,Leesah,Kim [MY B.C BALLERS] go bruins!

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