Quick Orange & Blue eyes Tutorial

Monday, December 17, 2007

I was too lazy to study for my finals so I decided to do a tut. I asked Maricris what colors I should do and she said "Blue & Orange" so i tried doing a blue and orange look. I'm not very good with colors yet, so this tutorial was quick. I was just basically experimenting while doing a tutorial. So it's not that good.

Rubenesque p/p
Metalblu e/s
Deeptruth e/s
Freshwater e/s
Fab & flashy e/s
Orange e/s

Since it was quick I just applied eyeshadows.

I just recently got this brush and i love it! it's the 213 fluff brush. I love it because the bristles aren't white unlike the 239. Usually I use the 239 for my eyeshadows [very colored ones] and I don't really like using it because It's white, and I'm afraid the bristles might stain. Pretty weird of me, but thats how i feel about it. Now that I have the 213, I AM INLOVE! =D

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