Costco Hauls

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Maricris wanted me to post up my Costco hauls, but I didn't take a picture of each and everything I got because I thought that would've been unecessary. LOL. Here's a picture of what I bought.
Well, I bought the Sebastian Shaper + Hair spray which I tried out from Maricris, and I thought It was MUY fabulous! LOL. You can Shape your hair in all kinds of ways & It will still hold your hair. Pretty good, you guys should try it. Also watch her hair tutorial, she tells you more about it. Then I got jelly beans! Another Idea from Maricris. I went to her house and was munching on her jelly beans but they ate all the good colors, so I bought some for myself for My boyfriend & I to share. LOL. Then I bought some more of my favorite socks "K.B(K. Bell)" . I love these socks, I have the ones with different colors also and designs. Oh yea manang I also saw ur famous Champion socks there! lol, It totally reminded me of you! Then last but not least, Lash Fusion. I didn't try it yet, but I got It because I thought their Lip Fusion was a good product, again I got from Maricris, LOL. So I'll have to try this out and give you guys an update on it. It said it'll plump you lashes and make them curl and lengthen, but don't all mascara say that? LOL. we'll see!

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