Sunday, December 16, 2007

I haven't been really updating my blog it's either because i'm too lazy and nothing really exciting happend or I didn't have any time. Well friday was pretty fun, Me my boyfriend Maricris and Navarong went to go watch I Am Legend. That was such a good movie, you guys should watch it. That day was pretty fun! Then Saturday came..

Saturday started off pretty well, it was my cousins zuriels b-day too. Well I decided to do a tutorial, since I didn't get to do any lately. I actually did two tutorials, one on make up and one for the hair. If you guys here my someone yelling in the background, it's my mom telling me to go eat! lol, she said it in our language.. & she says it like a few times. So please excuse her, my door was open. Well it was such a sunny day and sunny days keep me up and happy. I didn't even study for finals yet. ugh. Well Cheska, Maricris & I went to the mall and I got a bracelet from claires and two headbands. I was going to get these cute bracelets and neckalaces at Macy's but it was way over my budget. I only had $20. Well then we went to go get some wingstop for our parents, and yummie it was good. After we picked up Junalynn and went to Maricris' house. Then something came up, my cousin Zuriel's house got ROBBED! and someone took their car and my aunts jewerly omg. It was so sad. My aunt is going to be in labor anytime soon! She's about to have a baby but she isn't in the hospital and all this happend?! damn.. she was crying and everything.. it was sad, their house was trashy, they went through the drawers and everything. What fuckin person would do that?! That got me soo pissed and we called the freakin police and we waited 3 hours and they didn't even come! fuckin pigs! they're no use!
I just feel bad for my aunt, she's about to give birth anytime soon and she shouldn't be stressing right now.. God please help them..

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