Wednesday, December 12, 2007

After coming home from Costco I saw a letter for me near the stairs. It was from Cal State EAST BAY. And I was like.. hmm another typical college mail, What can it be this time.. And it was an acceptance letter to the college! YAY! My first admission ever to college! I got really excited because I've never applied for anything that would be lead me to my near future. So I hurried up and called my boyfriend and he was pretty proud of me. I thought I wouldn't get into any schools, but this really made my day. Now I know I can get accepted to a college. East bay wasn't the first choice of mines for college. It was sort of like my rebound, If I couldn't get in anywhere else. My first choice was to go to Saint Mary's Moraga, near Oakland, Then after going there for 2 years and taking my pre-req, I would then transfer to Samuel Merritt College in Oakland to get my BSN! Then I would take my boards to become an RN. Hopefully I'll be done before I'm 22 but later turning 22. so that would be.. 2012. My second choice was Holy Names University, which is located in Oakland. These were my two choices to go to college, because they're sister schools of Samuel Merritt. Therefore I have a higher chance to getting into Samuel Merritt. My 3rd choice was to go to San Jose state, Then Sac State, then Eastbay was my last choice. I was thinking of applying to San Francisco State, but ugh.. I wasn't sure. As you can see, most of the colleges I've been applying to are state schools, because less work for admissions, and It's easy to get in. As for Universities, those are a whole different story. I am not that smart so less money to spend on applications. WELL I was just pretty much excited, and I just thought I wanted to share that with everyone!

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