Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stockton [valley] is so freakin cold! We're surrounded by mountains that's why. I thought the bay area would be colder than over here, but I was wrong. My brother came down from San Jose last weekend and he said It's colder here than over in the bay, because their near the ocean and their weather is pretty constant. I guess my geography isn't that good, knowing that I had a C, in that class! It's because I don't show no class participation, so I totally got a yelling from my boyfriend freshman year. LOL. It bettered my grade though, I raised it to a B!

School is pretty laid back right now. Well maybe it's because I could care less about anything that's going on in school. Since finals are comming up, all we're basically doing is studying during class. I know I should be studying, which would cause stress. but I'm the last minute type of person. That's such a bad thing! So I better stop slacking off! Speaking of stress, I totally broke out! Goodness! My face looks all ruined!

It was freezing today in school! After Vern & I left from community involvement, which is a class that we go to, out of school, to help out the elementary schools, we went to get some taco bell for lunch, knowing that we had plenty of time. By the time we got to school the whole cafeteria was full! Everyone took the tables. So unfortunately, Vern & I had to eat our lunch outside. It was freezing cold! my hands were getting all cold, MY nose was running like crazy! AND I'M ON THE VERGE OF GETTIN SICK! luck me :( . But it was fine, we had fun!

Maricris & I we're talking about what we did when we were younger and what happend to us and stuff. LOL, everything is rather embarassing to be discussing about over the internet. But, man..all I can say is those were the days! I miss those days! Now we're getting older and we have much more responsibilities to look forward to rather than before. Such as planning for your whole future, because no one wants their future being all busted up. Everyone wants to live life with a happy ending!

Anyways, I miss watching sister sister, smart guy, brotherly love, boy meets world up in disney channel. I don't know why they took most of those shows off! I LOVE watching those shows, I freakin grew up with those shows. Man how I miss them, I should just get the seasons on a disc or something. But I miss watching sister sister. That WAS THE SHIT! Well Christmas is soon coming, Has anyone done their Christmas shopping yet? I started on mines earlier, now I gotta think of a present to get my boyfriend. GOD it's so hard trying to find presents for them.. for girls, It's rather easy, because anything they give us will be fine with us. It's the thought that counts right ladies? Yea.. Well im about to head out with my parents to costco and a bit, and I should definitely look through my math homework, because I have that class first thing in the morning and we have a TEST! so, good luck to me!

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