Sunday, December 09, 2007

are usually not to exciting. This would be my typical Sunday schedule. Wake up, get ready for church, church starts around 12:15pm, eat lunch with my family, go back home, try to do some hw, HOPE that I get to spend time with my boyfriend [but that hasn't been happening lately on sundays, because he always stays over time :( ugh!] Therefore, I probably only get to hang out with him on tuesdays & fridays.. No more saturdays because they changed his schedule like I mentioned in my other blogs. But yea, That would be my typical sunday. Basically I stay home all day, & I get lazy and dont feel like doing anything, even if there is homework or a test to study for the next day.

Right now, I'm pretty sad I guess you can say. I was so excited to hang out with my boyfriend, and I always get those last minute calls while i'm in the process of glamouring myself up for him, that we can't hang out today. Then I get sooo sad.. and don't feel like doing anything but sit in my bed and watch t.v. I was planning on finishing up my hw, but I was debating on whether I should hold that off until tomorrow. So I guess that was my plan because I didnt do it. It's 9:24pm over her in Stockton, CA, & usually I go to sleep around 10:30-11 during school days. This week I gotta work extra hard because on the 17th is when my final begins.

Well, Ima go back in my room and finish Freaky Friday on the disney channel. I love that movie! Well, goodnight everyone, hopefully i'll be working on another tutorial whenever I have time, If you have any requests or anything, please tell me, and I will try my best to attempt it. Until then, Have a fun and exciting week!

Here's a picture, I know pictures catches the readers eyes, well at least mines do.
These are picture over the summer, when My boyfriend and I, Maricris & Navarong, La & Polo, we all went to San Francisco, because La wanted to see california, so we took him there. It was freezing.. and It was the summer time! Enjoy these pictures.

The Love Birds Golden gate bridge behind us

The Fellas, My baby is heck cute though, lol. Huge ass strawberries!

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