Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yesterday, I got to hang out with my baby! =D ! And we went to go pick up his NEW puppy from his friends' house. It was a pitbull, and it's so adorable! It's daddy is nice! It may look mean.. but it's very nice! Who would have thought. His daddy is hecka HUGE TOO!! OMG. But it's lovable, just like it's son. You guys should for sure see the puppy in person! It's wayy cuter in person rather than in pictures. But it's still cute in pictures. ANYWAYS.. my baby named the puppy ROCKY! pretty cute I shall say. I wanted to name it bubbles, just for fun. I like to mess with my babys head sometimes cuz it's cute. lol. So I guess we [or maybe I] settled on a name.. & It's ROCKY BUBBLES SEY! LOL! I am soo mean for that one because I added the bubbles. You guys probably think i'm crazy for trying to name a MALE pitbull bubbles. But you know it's all fun and games. I love it.. it's so nice to me. I hope it gets use to me. I wanted to visit him today.. but maybe i'll visit it tomorrow.

When we brang Rocky home we let him chill in the bed and he started peeing on the bed! lol! my baby was pretty pissed about it and he smacked Rocky's butt so that he'll know better. It was so sad to see that because he just looked so adorable. He needed to learn his lesson though. Then my boyfriend told his little sister and I to watch Rocky because he went to go use the bathroom. So we were watching the dog, and it started shitting on the towel! It was diarrhea! lol.. then it peed on my babes bed again.. and we had to take out his sheets and everything. I bet it was pretty hectic for him the next morning. He told me he woke up and Rocky shitted and pissed everywhere. I feel so bad for him. But he will learn his lesson in due time!

So here are a few pictures of rocky. I'll take better ones soon. There's gotta be a picture with his mommy and daddy, which is My baby & I.

Were takin it home now! off we go!
sleeping in mommy's arms.


Mei Mei & Rocky!

It's skin is so flappy
It looks so evil in this picture! lol.

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