Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yesterday we had an econ test.. and I didn't want to study because I was so caught up in this whole blog/makeup ordeal that I got DISTRACTED. So my lazy butt didn’t want to study. I was procrastinating! GOD I hate that word. I don’t want to be a procrastinator. Well anyways, about that econ test, I GOT AN F! omg.. I was so pissed at myself because I knew the materials, it’s just that I didn’t even want to study! I am soo stupid.. But I went to go look at my grades and found out that I have an 87% in ECON. That's pretty good but I think I had an A at the start.

UGH! I have freakin’ two C’s so far.. Which is in ecclesiology [religion class] & English class. I don’t know why I have a C in English. I Am so bad at religion, I`m catholic too, but I wasn't really raised religiously. I've been to public schools all my life until I hit high school. My parents forced me to go to a PRIVATE SCHOOL! ughh I hated my school so bad, but I learned to get use to it. I still hate it though, im just use to it. It benefitted me a lot though. SO I THANK MY PARENTS.
They really made the right decision for me. Now I just gotta make the proud and get good grades!! That's all they want from me and they give me soo much! so I LOVE THEM!

I think if I was still in public school I would have been going through that same old DRAMA! Like the kinds where the girls come up to you & be like.. "I HEARD YOU WAS TALKIN SHIT BEHIND MY BACK", but they don't know, it's just rumors and a bunch of instigating.

ughh.. but anyways, all I know is that I have to do well during the FINALS! Because if I fuck up, man.. I will disappoint my parents and my boyfriend. I told my boyfriend about the grade I got from my test and he yelled at me. =( . Good boyfriend though. He doesn’t want me getting anything lower than a B! goodness that is so hard for me. I am such an B-C student. I think it’s because I don’t try. Well I should cut low in this whole blog thing until I get more focused on school. I am so out of it right now. Perhaps it may be senioritis! Lol. If there is sucha thing.

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