Break time! VNL 2yrs 11 months.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm taking a break from studying right now. Good grief, I am fed up with studying and all that bull. Imagine studying in college! goodness..

Today is my boyfriend & I's two year and eleven month anniversary! Yay! Almost up to three years! I am so grateful to be with him! He is just the best! Too bad we couldnt hang out today because he's at work, and I have to study!

Well yesterday.. Crissy told me to watch keeping up with the Kardashians. I never really watched it before.. but I heard a lot about it comming from Crissy & Inin's mouths! Manang Cris told me to watch it because there was a MARATHON! I love marathons! So I really wanted to watch it because I think Kim Kardashian is super hott! So I was watching it.. and I was getting HOOKED on it! Now I freakin love that show. That's like one of my favorite T.V. Shows now! Thanks for getting me hooked manang! I watched it all night with my lonely self. I was suppose to hang out with my boyfriend yesterday but he worked over time.. bummer!

AWW here are some recent pictures of ROCKY! I freakin love this dog. I'm really not a great fan of dogs.. but Rocky turned my whole life around because he is so adorable!

I'll post up more later.. I gotta get back to studying! I have my last Econ test for the semester, Aside from the finals! I gotta raise my grades up!!

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