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Friday, July 31, 2015

My boyfriend got this promotion for the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino in Reno, NV last year and we finally scheduled a date to go. Originally, we were going to go the week of my birthday, however they were all booked for the weekend which was understandable since it was a Forth of July weekend. We got two rooms and invited Manang Maricris (my cousin) and her bf Navarong along with us.

July 31st , 2015

We left stockton around close to 12pm. As we were passing Lodi, Manang Cris mentioned that she left her wallet. Luckily we weren't too far and went back for it heheh. Then we were en route to our destination, Reno, NV. The ride was smooth and we took a quick stop at a gas station for gas and some snacks. Then off we went again. It was sprinkling a bit as were were getting closer to Reno, but it wasn't too bad. We finally made it to our hotel by 3:30 and checked in. It was nice having rooms right next to each other. Right after we dropped our things off to our hotel and settled in for a bit we went out to get some lunch at Ichiban in the Harrahs Hotel. It was about a 30 minute wait for teppanyaki and no wait for the sushi bar. We were all really hungry so we settled for the Sushi bar. The sushi was yummy and it was unlimited sushi for an hour. MC and Nava also paid for our lunch which as very sweet of them and they also told the worker without my knowledge that it was my birthday and towards the end of our meal, they came out with our ice creams and my ice cream had a candle on it. Every sang Happy birthday, I normally  don't like attention but It was fun. After, we walked back to our hotel to explore what they had to offer there. Our hotel Silver Legacy, was connected to Circus Circus and also the Eldorado Hotel. That was pretty nice so we walked out our full bellies and found the arcade at Circus Circus and hung out there for the meanwhile. Before that, we went to get drinks at this place called blender bar? I can't remember, but they sell slushed alcoholic beverages. My Bf and Nava Won Maliyah a Minion doll by playing this game where they threw a softball in a wooden basket. $40 minion, but all worth it because it was earned. LOL. While they were doing that MC and I were watching the circus performers , i believe it was a father and daughter acrobat performance. The dad was on stilts while the young daughter was performing acrobatic moves by hanging on a rope. It was pretty neat. After that was all done, we saw a DDR machine and tried to test our skills. MC and I use to play DDR often back in the days, we also had cool routines for various songs. We used to practice at home with our DDR mats and videos games. Fun times. We definitely weren't as good as before and man was it tiring. No wonder we were so fit and slim back then (well I was a lot slimmer). We then went back to our hotel rooms and hung out for a bit before we headed out for the night for dinner. Before dinner we wanted to see what the strip was like with the lights all lit up, so we walked out side thinking of where to eat. We finally headed back to our hotel and kept walking and ended up in Eldorado Hotel where we had dinner at the 24 Miles, i think it was called. It was pretty good, I got the chicken parmesan. That area also had a bakery and we got some sweet goods before heading back to the hotel to drop off our left overs. We then went back out again for drinks in our hotel at this Rum Bullions Island place. It was cracking' with a live band. lol! We ended our night there.

August 1, 2015 (Saturday)

We had a good nights rest and ready to take on the day. We started off with room service for breakfast at MC and Nava's room. It was delicious! Then we got ready to head to the mall because I needed a dress to wear and Nava needed shoes for the Club we were going to go to because they have a strict dress code. The mall didn't look too appealing from the outside but it was rather nice in the inside, better than our mall atleast. It took me forever to find a dress, I was PMS-ing and bloated so I just looked like a hot mess with all the dressed I found. Finally we went to Charlotte Rousse and MC helped me found a dress. We found it within minutes of walking into the store, and i tried it on and BAM it was history. Luckily it was a peplum style dress be cause I was super bloated! I'm so lucky I had MC there with me to find the dress. Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend was helping me chose a dress too and he was being very patient which I appreciate. But it's just not the same shopping for clothes with your bf than with a gf. We left the mall and drove to the Peppermill hotel just to check it our since that's where we were going to be having dinner. At a restaurant called Bimini. As we got to the peppermill hotel, the first thing that caught our bf's eyes was the arcade. We hung out there for a bit and started walking around the hotel. It was a really nice hotel, with a nice pool and everything. It sort of look like we were in italy because of the structures and decor. We then got some Gelato and headed back to our hotel. We let MC and NAVA have their alone time since they needed 20 mins ;) heheh. But I didn't see the text and my annoying booty walked over to their room and kept knocking. Finally I just left because they never opened. So in the meantime, my bf and I walked to the liquor store to get some hennesy and brought it back to our hotel. It's cheaper pre-drinking that way because Shots and alcoholic drinks in general at a club, bar, or restaurant can be super pricey! We met up in our room and started pre-gaming. MC and I also got ready together and did our makeup and hair in the room while the guys went out on the roof top to smoke. It was fun! We just darkened our daytime look and threw on some lashes and re-curled our hair and we were good to go!!

Off we went to the peppermill in a taxi of course and it wasn't bad a good 11 dollars to and from our hotel. We were running a little late because our reservations was at 6 but got there around 630. We gave them a heads up that we were running late and it was all good. The food overall was delicious but pricey! But worth it! MC and I shared the 42 oz. Porterhouse Steak and man was it large. We couldn't finish it, there were only about 4 pieces left. Our side dishes were also really delicious! I give that place a 5/5. We took a cab back to our hotel to freshen up and pre-game some more before the club. My feet were already hurting and I got a blister on my right big toe already so I asked my bf to get me a bandaid from my car.

We headed out around 9oclock and got to the GSR (Grand Sierra Resort) Hotel by 920ish. The club was called LEX, and it didn't open until 10pm. So we killed time by playing on the 1cent slot machine and watching the fight. We all got carded while playing n the slots by the manager bc we all looked young lol. When it was 10 o'clock, we went in line for the club and no one was inline but us maybe bc everyone was busy watching the fight. We got in and it was dead! LOL! we were like the first ones there, so we left the club and got stamped to watch the main event with Rhonda Rousey. It was pretty short and sweet fight! We went back in the club and got a few drinks and MC and I our were being killed by our heels. The pain hurt so much lol. Our men planned on getting us a VIP booth for us to sit and chill so we were very very appreciative of that! smooth move men!! We dance the night away and it was so much having our own booth and dancing! We were able to sit and drink and there was also a drawer underneath the chairs were were can store things. That was the highlight of my reno trip. the downside was that MC lost one of her bracelets :( . It was never found. On a brighter note, we kept receiving compliments on how we looked that night. A lady next to our booth also complimented my bf and I, she said that I was a the cutest thing and that she can tell my bf is so in love with me. She sure got that right! She then gave me a shot of Vodka which was a no no since we were strictly drinking dark. We left the club around 2ish and After the club my bf wanted to hangout with his friend for a bit and he was staying at the peppermill so we went there after the club and then went back to our hotel, and showered and we were probably alseep by 5. after I showered i asked my bf if he can order room service bc I was a bit hungry so we got thai chicken wings and a salad.. I couldn't eat all the wings only 4 pieces but I devoured the salad. We actually fell asleep waiting for the food since we were so tired. I woke up to a knock, he was probably knocking for a good while, until i woke up my bf to get the door. My bf saw him leaving with the food lol!.

7/2/15 sunday
I woke up around 8am to poop.. in total I had only 3 hours of sleep. I was hungover still felt a bit drunk from the night before and felt like throwing up so I did lol. We packed our things and checked out by 11 and went to a pho place for brunch. that really helped with my hangover and i felt a lot better. there was also a target next to the place and i needed to get some motion sickness pills for the ride back home since i felt very nauseous in the car ride there.

WE were then on our way back home

I'm so thankful we got to do this with my best friend manang crissy. We and especially they needed this little get-away. Were always going out with our parents to long distant places like these and this time we finally got to do it ourselves. Thank you so much to my boyfriend for this trip <3 absolute="" best="" he="" nbsp="" p="" s="" the="">

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