First Facial

Sunday, November 10, 2013

We (my boyfriend and I) started off the day by taking
my Grandma to the cemetery to visit my brother and my Grandpa.
It's almost my Grandpa's 1 year death anniversary.
I miss him so so much.
I always tear up a bit when we see him with my Grandma.
Luckily I wear sunglasses so no one sees.
It still hurts..

After, we went to Panera for our brunch,
and went to Ross so I can buy another pair of slacks
for orientation next week. 
I also got some workout capri's and 2 black faux leather
jackets which I've been wanting.

Then we went to Walmart, to buy some groceries
so I can make my own lunch for work.

My mom was throwing a facial party at our house,
and she wanted me to get a facial too.
I was like why the heck not!
It was my first time getting one.
and it was in the comfort of my own home.

We ended up giving away our tickets 
for the genuwine 112 j holiday tickets To my cousin
and my bf's sister's boyfriend.
Instead of going to the concert we wanted to spend time with
each other today.
Glad I stayed for that facial!!

It was nice being around my family and boyfriend
I'm so in love with him and his personality.
I fall deeper and deeper in love with him each day.
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Facial partay

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