True Life, I'm Addicted To Essie..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

omg.. their colors are just wonderful to me..
The soft light colors..
I've been tryna collect as much as I can..
Here's what I have so far..
*i'll list them later.. lol..

I also got a few non-essie polishes.. 
Along with that, I got myself a bible, that's easy to read from Barns and Nobles
And Shorts from Hollister, they were 40% off. org. 39.99 got it for $22 :)
and I fit a size 3! woo hoo! 

Lilacism, Trophy Wife, n em.. brain fart! lol to be continued...

Sally Hansen has crackle! LOL
and I got OPI matte..
and I wanted a Minty color.

I got some hair products from CVS
The no slip head band things were buy 1 get one free.
I needed it for my workouts..
My little baby hairs are so annoying and gets all over my face!!
It kinda disrupts me from my workout sometimes.

I got this olive oil moisturizing hair lotion.
I saw my cousin used it.. we tend to have really coarse curly/wavy hair..
It runs in my dad side of the family. Both my brother and dad have that coarse hair..
This stuff really tames my hair.. it doesn't make it frizzy and makes my curls looks natural.
I'm really lovin' it. It doesnt weight my hair down.. and doesn't feel oily.
I don't apply it on the roots, only the ends and the mid section of my hair.
I haven't used it with heat tools yet..
So far so good!
I was first going to my brother's bathroom to use it. lol
b.c he got it for his hair.. and my dad got it too!

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion has blended olive oil into a rich moisturizing lotion that conditions and protects the hair from high heat. Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion aids in restoring the hair's natural moisture balance while straightening the hair and providing a lasting sheen. Directions: Apply a small amount to hands, rub together and massage through hair. Comb and style as usual.
My mom bought me some new sandals.. finally i have new sandals..
Artura Chiang..
I like the color.

My holister shorts $22

My bible that's easy to read.

My Sally's Beauty supply haul
Got a nail filer
The nail wheel, so i can try various polishes on it
and rice paper blotting papers.

Sporting Essie: Eternal Optimist

My burrito bowl from yesterday..
I ate half and saved the other half for dinner..
but when I went to go eat it for dinner, my brother had already eaten it.

Today, my good friend Cheska treated me for lunch
We had Panera! mmmm!! yummay!

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