Monday, May 30, 2011

I've been wanting a kitchenaid for sometime now.
I've been following a few food bloggers, and they've been having contest
to win a kitchen aid, but I never won.. lol.
I finally had the nerve to actually buy myself one.
I had a good amount of money in my Macy's card,
and used it to buy my kitchen aid! Reg price was $299, it was on sale
for $249, then there was an extra 10% off.
All together it was about $245.
I really wanted the Artisan kitchen aid ones, which were like 55 dollars more..
I liked it because it had different colors.. but ehh..
my boyfriend stopped me and was like it's the same thing!!
just smaller and less powerful, but still powerful!
So i said, hey why not.. It's not like i'm a professional baker!

SO, i finally got it saturday..
I didn't use it till today.. MONDAY.
The first thing I mixed with it was a batch of cookie and cream cookies.
All i did was follow the toll house cookie recipe,
but instead of chocolate chips, i added chopped oreos..
It came out alright.. it wasn't all that.
I also substituted flour for whole wheat flour..
kinda tasted like bread or something lol..
yeah i'm not much of a baker.. 
but i am willing to learn! :D

SO, A few minutes ago, i found another recipe I wanted to try,
Same cookie, different recipe site. 
And right now the dough is chillen in the fridge, and i'll bake it around 11:30pm.
hahhaah!! hopefully those will taste better.. i'll have a separate post on them.
White was the only color it came in for the 4.5qt classic.
It's really easy to clean! la la la love it!






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