Monday, April 04, 2011

I wanted to find an app on my phone for counting calories and for searching up food with the calories in them. I ran into My Fitness Pal, it was free and it had good ratings. I gave it a try, and I really like it!
You enter your goal weight and many lbs you want to lose in a week, i put 2. and u put in ur present weight and it will calculate your calorie intake per day.

You can also log the food you ate and keep track of your calories that way. you can also input your workouts and how many calories you've lost! it's so very useful! you can also sign up online for it!

a quote that i really liked from the website is
"If you want it you'll find a way; If you don't you'll find an excuse"

Today was my 3rd day of insanity round 2. I did pure cardio today instead of core cardio and balance.
i felt really good today. I came home from school feeling all tired, and wanted to take a nap. But i resisted temptation and I worked out and now i feel better and awake!

I also made myself a meal today. I made whole wheat penne pasta with ground turkey with seasoning and some baked asparagus.

Trying to make better habits!

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