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Saturday, January 08, 2011

New Year, New School. I start nursing school on Monday. This means less blog updates.. Since nursing school is so rigorous, I probably wont have as much time as I did being a pre-nursing student. I'm really really nervous of what to expect in nursing school. I hear a lot of depression and stress goes on.. The good thing is that I am halfway there!! I will hopefully graduate December 2012. That's my expected graduation date.

On Thursday we had orientation and it lasted for about eight hours. What we all found out was that we have an essay due on the first day of class in one class, and a quiz on the first day of a different class. We also have a lot of reading to do due on the first day of class.. yikes.. i haven't even started yet. I'm looking forward to doing my best this semester.. Because all the hard work will pay off with a long summer break. It's like a 4 month break.. and July 1st is when i turn 21! This will be awesome! So the summer break is what's wanting me to get through this semester. I'm happy my Birthday is in the summer because I love summer! It's relaxing and the sun is out, longer days because of it! I can take the heat.. many people can't. but yeah.. This semester.. we don't even have a spring break.. but I guess it all pays off for the summer break. Oh nursing... lol!

Being a nursing student is really expensive.. the books are pretty expensive.. equipment you need to purchase for labs and things like that..

books.. there are more books.. but they are back ordered at the moment.

Litman stethoscope for lab

Wish me luck!! The pressure is on.. and reality is going to hit really quick. Nursing school is no joke.. It's not like the pre-req classes where we can ignore some things and get away with it.. we really need to be on top of things here.. Let the intensity begin! 

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