Picture day

Friday, December 31, 2010

Each year my boyfriend and I take annual anniversary pictures, for as long as we've been together. We took pictures a few days before our anniversary so that way, on the day of our anniversary we can do other things rather than wait for the pictures to be developed and all that. Basically a full day together with no worries. Today was also the day when I first met him. So it can be an anniversary for that. I gave him my number because he asked for it! LOL! Then New Years Eve is when we talked, New Years is when he took me on a sorta date, then Sunday which is the following day he was giving me hints about a relationship but what just getting my hopes up. He said if he were to ask a girl out it would be face to face. about 1:45am monday morning he told me to come outside my house and he was there.. we kicked in his car.. lol (I wasn't allowed to be outside that late so I had to be sneaky). Then he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said YES! :D
we've been a couple ever since.
And my dress, My boyfriend chose it. He has impressive taste! He's my eyes when we go shopping. I really don't like shopping and looking around. lol.

Here are the pictures!! (We also took less poses than the other years.. lol)

The lady taking our pictures called him my Fiancée. I posted a status on twitter and FB, and ppl were asking if he proposed to me. lol... unfortunately no! But it's okay, I don't expect it anytime soon. Probably after I'm done with nursing school.. which will hopefully be in 2 years! 
6 year anniversary0004

6 year anniversary0003

6 year anniversary0001

This one is my favorite
6 year anniversary0002 edit

This is my boyfriend's favorite

While we were waiting for our pictures to developed we headed over to round tables pizza which was a few stores down and ate!!



I Love Him!


Playing with Instagram on my phone
My fiancé

Garlic Parmesan Twists

Pepperoni Pizza Artisan


We had to take a picture in the car. lol

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